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Monday, March 6, 2017

••◊ YouTube Channel Introduction Video (i.e. optimizing for YouTube part 2)

One thing I recently learned about YouTube is the fact that some channels have introduction videos that play when a viewer reaches the channel.  I took some of the suggestions from the YouTube Creators Academy and created a script for Video Gear that was largely based on these key points...
  1. Who are we and what makes us credible?
  2. What do we offer?
  3. What is our philosophy/mission statement?
  4. How do we build community around our channel?
I asked Dom to "Dom-ify" the script, and he countered by calling it "Legro-lizing" (after his hip-hop moniker El Gun Legro).  The introduction video needed to be personal and identify the brand, which is largely based on Dom's personality.  Finally, we shot this video...

Also of note: I found out that a Zeiss CP.2 35mm lens produces sun starts at T/2.8.  At T/2 they stars disappear.

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