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Sunday, July 31, 2016

••◊ ND versus IRND filters

In our latest tutorial for Video Gear Dominique demonstrates the difference between standard ND and IRND filters.  In case it wasn't obvious, we partnered with Formatt-Hitech for the IRND filters.  They worked so well that I want to get a set.  I still have to sell two more of my Tiffen filters to get there.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

••◊ 5600K or Chroma Green Panel For Green Screen with the Cineo HS2?

Dom and I made a short tech video showing the difference between using the 5600K panel and Chroma Green panel when lighting up a green screen using the Cineo HS2.  In general, I like these LED lights.  They require only small adjustments in post to bring skin tones to perfection - no small feat for most LED lights.

The problem we had with our loaner units is that they didn't include the barn door set, so we had green spill galore problems and couldn't do a demo of a person in front of the screen.  The shop didn't have enough black solids left in rental to flag off the spill of the lights.  So if you use these, make sure they come with the rear ballast mount *and* barn door kit.