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Sunday, May 29, 2016

••◊ Let There Be Light! (DIY LED light update)

I built up the first prototype bulb today on the DIY LED light project.  It was a complete pain because the LEDs have a thermal pad underneath the package and I had to use a heat gun on each one to solder them down.  At least all the LEDs are lit and working as intended.

The picture below shows the LEDs lit at 10% power.  If I crank them all the way up there's no way to take a picture without the rest of the electronics going completely to black.  I also haven't built any of the necessary heat sinks for the bulbs yet, so I'm hesitant to crank up the power to 100% for more than a few seconds.  In the final design there will be six bulbs, which should yield a useful amount of light for video.

The heat sink design is my next endeavor.  I've been learning mechanical CAD so I can do a proper CAM job and produce nice looking heat sinks.  The bulb design incorporates a digital thermometer so I can monitor the LED temperature.  Hopefully this weekend I'll get firmware for that feature up and running.

It's getting there SLOWLY, but slow is OK.  This is just a hobby project and I already have thoughts about version 2.

UPDATE : I have the thermometer running (woo hoo!).  The bulb gets hot pretty quick without a heat sink.

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