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Monday, May 2, 2016

••◊ LED Light Update

The LED Light is slowly progressing.  I finally fired up actual LED's today at full power and blinded a few people in the office at lunch time.  It's been a good experience so far.  I've only destroyed one component and that was because of an incorrect solder job.

The photos below show both the system and the illuminated blue LED's.  I actually had to turn the exposure compensation down on the camera 2 stops just to take a picture, otherwise the lens would be completely flared out.

The next step is to make a "bulb", or multiple strings of LED's since each driver board can drive up to 8 strings of LEDs.  Depending on how I wire it I can have either an RGB light, or a remote phosphor "pump" (i.e. just a bunch of blue LED's with a phosphor panel in front of them).  If I designed my own custom LED panel I could also make a "white" LED array or a bi-color array.  It's all about firmware now.  At the moment I'm "recycling" from a stash of old scanner LED's that we had sitting around the office collecting dust - which makes things a bit less expensive for experimentation.

The cool thing is that I can also have up to seven driver boards.  That's 56 strings of high power LED's!  My end goal was to create a light in the 500W to 1kW range since most LED lights I deal with seem to be quite wimpy.  I want something I can use in a daylight lit room.  What you see below is just the very dim start of things to come.


Unknown said...

Good job Stuart! I'll get the patent paperwork ready. - Scott

S. Allman said...

Hah...If only this wasn't a me-too project about three years behind the curve I'd agree. Unfortunately I'll just have to settle for scorching people's eyeballs as my main feature. I don't think that's patentable unless I was trying to be Dr. Evil.

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