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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

••◊ Another LED light update

This last week I've added a number of significant upgrades to my LED light project.  It now has a dedicated power supply and thermal management system.  The fan controller board just came in and I was able to build it up quickly.  Now I just have to add some code to get PWM control over the fans.

One nice thing is that I was able to find some affordable, almost silent fans.  Even with all four of them on at full blast there was barely a whisper.  The first ones I bought could compete with a lot of small kitchen electronic appliances; noise wise.  They had to go.

The power supply only handles up to 200W, but for my initial prototype purposes that shouldn't be an issue.  The LEDs I plan to use are fairly efficient.

After I have the fan firmware running, it's time to actually build the LED bulb.  This will take a little more effort since each bulb in the system will need a significant heat sink to keep the LEDs in their safe operating area.

More importantly...so far, no smoke!

EVENING UPDATE...  The fans are up and running with firmware.  That was quick!  All four fans are still very quiet at home and ramp up in speed nicely.  Now I'm going to be forced to actually work on the bulb design.

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