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Monday, February 15, 2016

••◊ LA Confidential Grammy Party Photos

Friday night I was invited into the LA Confidential Magazine Grammy Party at the Exchange LA with Mark Ronson through a friend of a friend who works for the magazine.  This was my first LA industry party, but what I was more excited about is that they filmed the night club scene in The Social Network here!  I think that alone made me not cool enough for an LA party, but it was something to experience just once.  The problem we had was trying to find a decent restaurant in the surrounding blocks! 

Anyway..., here are some point and shoot pictures from the swanky event.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

••◊ New Work: Color Correction for Lomics Commercial

Dom, who you may know from my Video Gear tutorial posts, recently directed a commercial for a mobile app called "Lomics."  Having recently purchased a color grading monitor, I did the color correction for his spot.  With his default FCP-X LUTs it looked like something out of a Tim Burton film at first.  My sense is more toward naturalism, so that's what I tried to create here.