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Saturday, January 30, 2016

••◊ The Purpose of a Cinematographer

I saw an American Masters documentary about Mike Nichols today and he said one of his early mentors, Elia Kazan, had a saying, "the purpose of a director is to turn psychology into behavior."  That really resonated with me because it also translates to, "the purpose of a cinematographer is to turn psychology into photographs."  It's something for me to remember on each shoot and take to heart.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

••◊ How to Exposure Your Camera for Log Gamma (part 2) - tutorial video

I ran into some difficulty when using S-log3 on the Sony FS-7 because my images always seemed to be under exposed, even though I was using a light meter.  Part 1 of this tutorial series was mainly about looking at why lenses don't behave ideally and how to use an 18% gray card to get "correct" exposure.  In part 2 I wanted to eliminate the need for a gray card - which I knew would just get lost or destroyed on set - and start to be able to trust my light meter again.

So I read the Sekonic manual and it gave me a way to compensate the exposure reading.  Then I went into Video Gear and lit up a gray chart and found the correct compensation offset for each of my lenses.  The end result is that I can use my light meter again with more trust - because it's been verified!  That's what this video is about.

Most of my lenses are about half a stop darker than ideal.  What really surprised me was that the optically excellent 21mm lens is almost a stop darker than ideal!  I ran into this problem in post on the car mount video and the results of the color correction was frustratingly as good as I could get it.  I won't have that problem anymore.

So here's part 2 of 2 of our log gamma exposure tutorials - shot in S-log3 on the Sony FS-7.