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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

••◊ New Work: "You're Everything"

Director Tommy Friedman and I shot this music video for Jorandy a few months back, primarily at Jorandy's Mother's home and Belmont Park at Mission Beach.  I used the Canon C100 on a DJI Ronin stabilizer to keep the camera moving at the park and shot on sticks at the house.  By the end of the day my shoulders were completely ruined and I had to give the camera to my AC to do the final shots.  Those handheld stabilizers are amazing, but very strenuous.

One problem we had was that Tommy was super nervous on the roller coaster and kept stopping the camera, which meant the entire cast and crew had to ride the coaster three or four times to get the 3 seconds you see in the video!  Everyone came off that last ride looking a bit green.  I also guess-timated the focal length and rented my friend's Zeiss 15mm ZE lens.  Turns out it was perfect for the roller coaster and a heck of a great lens. (self-pat-on-the-back)

The gaffer and grip, who shall remain anonymous decided to not show up.  So there was a lot of work moving equipment around and keeping track of it all.  We were also chasing the winter sun since the director decided to shoot some of the scenes in places where the setting sun was quickly stealing our light.  Most of the Park scenes were shot using shiny boards or handheld reflectors to provide some "sunny day" contrast to the images.

Stephen Mickelsen of Bad Cat Films did the final color grade and did a really nice job.  The song is a bit bubble gum teeny bopper for my taste, but I think the images sort of match that younger free and fun feel.

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