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Sunday, March 15, 2015

••◊ Refocus

I've had a lot of foreign experiences lately in film making and this seemed like the appropriate place to share them.  As we all know, Southern California is well known in other parts of the nation for narcissism.  When you get in the groove here you don't notice it as much, because it unfortunately almost becomes a familiar state of being; more so if you're in the film business.

For example, if you tell anyone that's trying to make it in the film/video business you're from San Diego, they won't talk to you.  The reason being is that they can't use you as a connection to forward their career toward greatness.  The person may swear up and down that they'll call you, email you, or whatever...but it will never happen.  You simply aren't someone they can immediately use as a stepping stone into the film business.  I've seen certain filmmakers go as far as putting in big bold letters on their business card, "based in L.A."

The other problematic behavior I commonly encounter is with social media and disingenuous personalities.  It's quite common for people to becomes Facebook friends simply to use as a reference for someone they really want to talk to.  The person may be a smiling, happy friend to your face but they're really thinking how they can get posts about themselves on your Facebook feed so "Producer X" sees it - and, of course, immediately falls in love with them (to quote Mike Myers, "Yeah!  Sure! ...and monkeys might coming flying out of my butt!).  It's like a game of Frogger to try to gather as many high level Facebook friends and social media followers as they can - A game I happily don't participate in.  You know someone is small-time when they still care about such things.

This is the state of being for a large community of insecure people who are still trying to figure out a way to "make it" - whatever that means.  My alternative proposal is to actually do good work.  People love great content.  I see way too may people chasing nepotism when they should be polishing their skills and doing hard work.  Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule still applies.

So this led me to some thoughts on how to refocus myself so I don't become one of the dream chasing, fake personality, L.A. Borg.
  • Try to work with people I enjoy spending time with.  These are people I know in real life and I know they have my back when things don't go as planned.
  • Have adventures that I wouldn't normally have if I wasn't a filmmaker.
  • Chase better art.  Concentrate on the skills, craft, and doing good work; work I can be proud of.
...but if that doesn't work out, feel free to still follow my blog.

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