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Sunday, February 1, 2015

••◊ Perhaps the Most Expensive Kickstarter Video Ever Produced

I spent most of yesterday helping Dominique, a.k.a "El Gun Legro" make a fundraising video for Kickstarter.  In my previous blog entry was a description of why we didn't use the A7S/Shogun combo.  In these pictures you can see we replaced that camera with a C100/Ninja combo plus a whole lot more.  If it wasn't for the fact that we both work with, or in his case for a rental company, this could have possibly been the most expensive Kickstarter video ever produced.  Luckily, it just cost him dinner at a local Chinese restaurant afterwards.

We used both the Wasp and Bee plasma lights from Hive.  The Kino-flo gaffer kit with daylight tubes was used to light up the green screen.  We had a teleprompter running so El Gun Legro could look into the camera and do his thing.  There's also a P180 LED light from Fiilex providing the shoulder and hair light.  Lenses used were mostly Zeiss CP.2's with my 50 f/2 macro for one extreme close up. 

As for diffusion panels we had a 4x4 of 216 and another roll of half soft diffusion from Lee.

We doubled up on the audio with my large diaphragm condenser mic from Pearlman as well as a Sennheiser lav well hidden under his shirt collar.  The problem is that the shop isn't designed to be a production studio so it echoes quite badly.  I figured we could use one or the other mic in post since there wasn't a good way to A/B the audio options while in the echoing room.  Maybe he'll mix the two?

Another problem we had to solve was the very loud laptop.  I put a sound blanket right in front of the laptop to deaden the fan noise in the direction of the mics.  It seemed to work from what I heard on the headphones.

El Gun Legro has one more scene to shoot, which he can probably do without me.  The target date for him to start begging for money on Kickstarter is the third week of February.  It should be fun video if he pulls off what we discussed.  Good luck El.

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