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Monday, January 19, 2015

••◊ Bernardo Peak

I was beat up from a bicycle crash on Saturday, so I decided to take it easy and just do a hike on Sunday.  For years I've been meaning to walk up the Mount Bernardo trail, but I've put it off in favor of going for a bike ride or whatever other weekend activity.  That little trail walk ended up being a 7-8 mile walk up a reasonably steep and treacherously rocky trail.  My neighbor joined me for the little adventure.  No now my shoulder is beat up from an nasty encounter with a chain link fence and my hips are sore from climbing the peak yesterday.  There's no winning...

Looking at home from the top of the trail.

Looking east toward the expanse of Escondido.

The south view looks like something our of a Hobbit film.

The north view is less exciting, but in the middle of the photo you can see the boat launch where my cycling club puts on it's annual cyclo-cross race.  I know, "yawn...".

I have a few projects in the works, but no real progress to talk about at the moment.  I might have to learn all about club and DJ lighting in the near future.  I'll also be getting familiar with the new Sony FS-7 camera.

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