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Sunday, December 7, 2014

••◊ Evolution of Craft

I saw this video pop up today with a number of contemporary cinematographers.  Given that it's award season in Hollywood I expect to see more of these potential Oscar nominee videos come online.  One important point I take from the video is that it's no longer about bazillion-"k" video resolution nor having the latest stabilizer.  It's about craft - which for a cinematographer involves knowing where the camera should be and how to light the film for the story.  Both Shane Hurlbut and Vincent Laforet made similar points recently.  Shane talked about it in his Illumination Experience seminar and Vincent recently wrote a long blog post about it.

This year was about taking more risks as a DP.  I've decided that next year it will be more about craft.  The tools I have available are good enough.  I need to do a better job at storytelling.  This involves lighting, camera positioning, and camera movement - all to the end of supporting the story.  If people notice my cinematography then it's a failure.  They should be sucked into the story.

Until then, enjoy this video from The Hollywood Reporter.

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