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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

••◊ Pictures From The Idaho Cup Bodybuilding Championships 2014

This last weekend I worked on the crew at the Idaho Cup Bodybuilding Championships in Boise.  The day began with the usual departure from Lindbergh Field, which you can see in the middle left of the aerial picture below.

The difference was this time the promoters had me routed through Denver.  Yes, Denver...nearly 3/8 of the way across the country...and back.  It must have been once heck of a cheap ticket deal.  In the background of the picture below you can see the Rocky Mountains and the front range with Denver in the far distance to the north.  The airport is off further to the northeast.  The good news was that the weather was nice and cool when we landed.  The bad news was the turbulence that rattled the plane when we were just south of the City!  Which brings me to the second picture below with the sign that clearly reads "Tornado Shelter."  I guess the turbulence wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I had just enough time to make it over to the eateries in the airport between flights, literally.  What I quickly settled for was a fast food Mexican place called "Tamales."  I should have known to toss the burrito when I ordered chicken and it came with pork instead.  No time to complain...just going to have to scarf it down...flight loads up in 15 minutes.  Well, for the next two days my gut felt like Mike Tyson's punching bag.  I like Chipotle, Qdoba, and others, but from now on when it comes to burrito places trust must be earned!

The show venue was a place just west of the city called Revolution Concert House.  It's large by rock-n-roll club standards, but small enough to be manageable for our experienced crew.  One thing I really appreciated about this experience is seeing all the autographed guitars on the walls from acts that have come through the area.  Some were from shows at the concert house, others from nearby venues.  It goes to show you how the owner/operators have a love for what they do and the acts that come to entertain people over the years.  Besides, in what other circumstances would you see Steve Martin and Primus in the same display?



This particular show was "adopted" from a previous promoter who decided to close up shop and skip town.  Normally that would mean that the show would be abandoned and forgotten, however Louis (on the right in the picture below) wrote Brad and Elaine a passionate letter explaining why they should adopt this show with only 2.5 months for planning.  You see, Louis was over 300lbs last year during the first Idaho Cup.  Shortly after that show his close friend passed away from a heart attack at 37 due to an unhealthy lifestyle, leaving a wife and three kids.  Louis was so inspired by the bodybuilding show that he decided to get in shape and enter into the show in 2014.  He lost a truly inspiring 120lbs to compete.  You may notice that his belly skin is stretched and drooping from the excess weight he was carrying all those years.  Now into his forties he's met the challenge, got in shape, and knows he doesn't have to carry the burden of an early death sentence from heart disease.  You can the true source of his inspiration and dedication in the second photo.

Louis' performance was met with loud applause at the night show.  People sometimes get caught up in the steroid and narcissism hype of this sport, but most of the time the sport is about people making themselves their own heroes, even if it's only for a day. 

As usual, here are a few pictures from my backstage perspective at the show.

Elaine always makes sure the women in the show are treated as princesses, tiara and all.  She was unpacking the tiaras at lunch and I decided to grab one to take a picture.

After the show we went to The Yardhouse in Eagle, where I had some great spicy jambalaya, which completely made up for the previous day's burrito bomb.


I still need to make up for lost sleep.  At least the next show is six months away so I have time to recover.

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