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Saturday, September 13, 2014

••◊ Random Travel Photos From Boise

I spent the last few days in Boise and took some obligatory pictures to share on my blog.  Meet the new state mascot, Darth Tater.  "May The Starch Be With You" seems like a true stretch, but Idaho isn't known as a center of fashion design and marketing.  There is a "force" after eating starchy foods, but it's not a force most people want to let loose in public places.

The hotel I stayed at was well decorated, so I took a few photos while waiting for someone in the lobby.

The real reason I look forward to Boise trips are the walks along the river.  Boise has a nice trail going east and west along the north bank of the Boise River.  The usual assortment of dog walkers and runners enjoy a morning stroll...then there's me brandishing a camera and trying to make it clear that I'm not trying to take their picture. It's interesting to walk along the river because you quickly realize that all greenery 40 or more feet from the river is artificially supported with landscape irrigation, just like in San Diego.  Boise is what I would describe as arid prairie; mostly brown year round.

Two years ago I was on the same walk and came across this wagon in a field.  This time the wagon was at the end of the newly paved section of the trail.  Last time I was there the weather was cloudy and dismal winter blue, making for miserable pictures.  This time I took advantage of the bright summer lighting.


Then there's the obligatory pictures of the river itself.

On the way back we had a stop over in Las Vegas for an hour.  After being in Boise I was looking around the airport and realizing what a culture shock this transition was.  I was traveling from ultra conservative quiet Idaho where the airport is considered crowded with 10 people in the TSA line to sin city.  When I first got off the plane I wondered why are all these womens' skirts so short?  What is up with all this gambling and why is the airport so busy?  Leopard print...really?

The nice thing was that the flight home was quiet and the view over the southern California desert was pretty at night.  I wished I could have caught it better with the camera I had.  The light on the horizon created this dappled golden landscape with hazy blue shadows behind the hills.  By the time the landscape was at its most spectacular there just wasn't enough light to take a picture with the point and shoot I had with me.  It's better to experience in person anyway.

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