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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

••◊ Pictures from the 2014 San Marcos Criterium

I wanted to post some highlights from this last weekend's San Marcos Criterium put on by my cycling club, Ranchos Cycling.  As with a lot of events, taking pictures of the same bicycle race year after year can get a bit long in the tooth.  There's only so many leader formations, solo breakaways, or Dutch angles of people on bicycles I want to capture.  This year I mostly concentrated on people I know in the races and uploaded plenty of pictures to my Flickr account ( also linked to in the left pane of my blog ) for friends to enjoy.  Welcome to the wonderful world of rip-your-legs-off road racing.

At this point Roger was making a solo breakaway from the pack...off the back. As he was coming up the climb I told him to at least look good if he was going to drop out.  Like a serious artist photographer I decreed, "A little more attitude.  There you go.  I want more of that.  Just one more,"  hoping his wife, who was standing a few feet away, wouldn't start throwing water bottles at me.  She's a former hardcore racer chick.

Last, but not least, is a photo sequence I took of an race rules illegal beer feed station someone tried to improvise along the course.  We were on a college campus, so you might expect this from some frat boys.  In this case I think they were just mountain bikers - not a large difference if you've ever been to a mountain bike race.

As usual, the photos are free for non-commercial use.  Contact me for licensing if you want to use them for commercial media.  Until next year...keep hammering.

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