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Monday, July 21, 2014

••◊ 2014 Screenings of the 48 Hour Film Project, San Diego

This last week was the annual screenings of the 48 hour film projects in the Gaslamp downtown, or as some may call it - The running of the "mumblecore".  It's not that all the films represent the ideals of mumblecore, just most of them.  Bad audio, lack of color correction and/or white balance, crack addict shaky camera moves, and an astigmatic sense of where to set focus dominate the films.  But hey, what did I accomplish that weekend aside from a teleprompter tutorial video?  The point is that the teams put in their best effort and did it - and most people have fun.  When you do see those films best described as little gems, they truly stand out and shine.

I was speaking with my co-worker Kevin about his involvement and it turned out that he joined a team with multiple people I knew.  Specifically Peter, shown in the first photo below sandwiched in between Box-man and the woman with some serious looking femme-guns.  Kevin and Peter were working with Joe from Preposterous Films, as well as a few other people I knew on the team.  On Friday they randomly drew the genre dark comedy, which is one of the few comedy genres I can get into.  The film "U Pack It" centered around a self packing and shipping business, ala "The Office."  Somehow Kevin went into the project as a grip and ended up being a key actor!  That's film making. 

Below are some picture from the evening.


It was a dead heat between U Pack It and another film Good Ol' Chap (a silent film in the style of Charlie Chaplin) in my opinion.  None of the other films were even a distant second.  Good Ol' Chap ended up winning the audience choice award in the end.  Still, the Preposterous Film team laid the ground for a seriously excellent web series.  Great job guys.

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