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Monday, June 2, 2014

••◊ New (old) Work: Code Duella

Scott over at Solar Light Films sent me a link to a short we shot for fun over a year ago.  I had a loan of the Sony FS-700 from Video Gear for a weekend, along with the Atomos Samurai and the Metabones Speed Booster lens adapter.  We were a group of filmmakers all dressed up with equipment and no where to go,  so Clarence came up with the concept overnight and we were shooting at the South Bay Rod and Gun club the next morning. 

When we first got there and thought we were in the clear of the firing range, but then Clarence heard a bullet fall at his feet.  Another half mile down the road we went!  The border patrol would come by and look at us every so often, but since everyone else there had real guns they must have figured that we weren't much of a security threat.  Perhaps the camera and tripod helped a bit too.  Don't tell the drug runners.

...and here we go.  Enjoy Code Duello.

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