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Sunday, May 4, 2014

••◊ Hope Cooks!

Video Gear bought some new Hive plasma lights this last week and they asked me to take them out for a test drive.  My friend Hope wanted to do a few web videos on healthy cooking, so this seemed like a safe way to try out new equipment.  We loaded in with an FS-700, my camera support, and the lights and I lit the video like a PBS cooking show.

We had the "Wasp" outside the window you see at the right of the picture below.  This was providing the hair highlight and shoulder separation.  The "Killer" was at camera far right and I had a 9x9 bleached muslin sheet providing Hope with soft diffusion.  A "Bee" flood lamp was placed right beside the camera and provided mostly on axis fill about a stop down from key.  I wanted to keep things bright and cheery.

These plasma lights have a lot of advantages.  They don't generate nearly as much heat as other technologies, they don't hum like HMI's, they're bright enough that the backyard didn't go totally nuclear in exposure, and they're true daylight matched (unlike HMI's nor most LEDs, despite what vendors claim).  All I had to do was set the camera to 5600K white balance and as they say in the UK, "Bob's your uncle."  I'm a fan of these lights and I consider myself a picky DP.  My friends use another word to describe it, but I won't go into that here.

Anyway...here are some screen shots from the footage.


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