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Saturday, April 5, 2014

••◊ More BTS Info On "Undefinable"

I thought I might share a few more bits of information about the back story on "Undefinable."  This project was really the brain-child of Tom Friedman.  I told him that I had the opportunity to play with a helicopter and handheld gimbal.  He found Danielle and developed the concept of the shoot.  I think you might find Danielle's story pretty compelling, so here's her TED talk.

Also, Tom made a BTS video showing how we accomplished the individual shots using both the copter and MOBCAM...which is making the rounds at NAB this coming week.  The folks at Aerial Mob have a Kickstarter going on to fund the deployment of their much lower cost MoVI-type handheld stabilizer.  So, if you want in on the action, here's a link.  Yes, those are my lovely blue and gray shoes in the first picture.


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