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Thursday, January 2, 2014

••◊ Random Photo Musings From Winter In Seattle

Working Title: "Why I Travel On December 24th"
"Hangin' With The Heathens"

 Working Title: "We Take Christmas Eve Dinner Inspiration From A Christmas Story..."
Working Title: "Forget 2012, The World Will Should Must End In 2014"

Working Title: "Kerry Park At Christmas"
"Every Seattle Park Has A City Mandated View Of The Space Needle"

Working Title: "The One Foot Gap Is Meant To Show This Restaurant's Concern for Food Safety"

 Working Title: "Thinking Beyond Tillimook Cheese, Oregon's Newest Attempt At A Notable Export"

Working Title: "Cat Lady Goes Uni-Bomber"

Working Title: "...And I Thought Clowns Were Creepy"
Working Title: "It's Not The Experimental Indian Curry Eggnog Wearing Off. The Backyard Is Really This Pink In The Morning"

Working Title: "Finally Someone Else Agrees That It's Called Rap Music.  Hip Hop Is What You Do When You Lose A Bet That Involves A Bunny Onesie."

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