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Sunday, January 26, 2014

••◊ Fail Harder.

I was at the ASC open house event in Hollywood yesterday.  Most of the big players in film photography were there; Dean Cundley (Back to the Future series), Daniel Pearl (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Owen Roizman (The French Connection), Phedon Papamicheal (The Monuments Men), Shane Hurlbut (Need for Speed), Jeff Crownenweth (The Social Network), Bill Bennett (...just about every car commercial made now days), Caleb Deschanel (The Right Stuff - and his daughter Zoe!), and many more.  I even sat down with Isidore Minkofsky (The Muppet Movie) for a bit...and frankly if I had known he shot The Muppet Movie I would probably have completely geeked out!

I was talking with another person at the event that was looking to get more into filmmaking.  My advice to him was to fail harder.  Later that evening I met some friends at LA Live for dinner and as I was walking back, trying to avoid any accidental security violations at the Grammys, I thought to myself why aren't I failing harder?  Last year I made a commitment to learn more about lighting and camera work.  It's time for me to put that knowledge to work and take more risks.  In order to move to the next level I need to fail more often, otherwise I'm living in this safe zone bubble and my work will never progress.

So this year my goal is to fail harder.

Friday, January 10, 2014

••◊ Handheld camera workshop with Sean Bobbitt, BSC

I stumbled upon this gem of a camera operator workshop today. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

••◊ UPRtek MK350 Handheld Spectrometer

I'm having a total geek out fun time with this handheld spectrometer from UPRtek.  It's on loan from Video Gear, but this is the type of toy that makes me wish I had an extra $2k laying around.  With the simple press of a button it will show the correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI), visual spectrum, as well as both the 1931 and 1976 CIE diagrams.  Of my film making friends I'm pretty sure I'm on the only one who understands CIE diagrams!

Last weekend I used this meter to measure a bunch of video lights at Video Gear.  The manufacturers may give hand waving statements about light quality, but the meter shows the cold truth. 

It's a partly cloudy day outside so I took a quick measurement of noon time daylight.  It measures about 5600K with a CRI of 99 - exactly what you would expect.

Here's a plot of the fluorescent task light in my office.  Not exactly the prettiest light, but I kinda already knew that.  I would describe it as dirty orange, so I'm surprised that the CRI is as high as it is.  The color spectrum shown in the data plot below is pretty darn ugly as well.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

••◊ Random Photo Musings From Winter In Seattle

Working Title: "Why I Travel On December 24th"
"Hangin' With The Heathens"

 Working Title: "We Take Christmas Eve Dinner Inspiration From A Christmas Story..."
Working Title: "Forget 2012, The World Will Should Must End In 2014"

Working Title: "Kerry Park At Christmas"
"Every Seattle Park Has A City Mandated View Of The Space Needle"

Working Title: "The One Foot Gap Is Meant To Show This Restaurant's Concern for Food Safety"

 Working Title: "Thinking Beyond Tillimook Cheese, Oregon's Newest Attempt At A Notable Export"

Working Title: "Cat Lady Goes Uni-Bomber"

Working Title: "...And I Thought Clowns Were Creepy"
Working Title: "It's Not The Experimental Indian Curry Eggnog Wearing Off. The Backyard Is Really This Pink In The Morning"

Working Title: "Finally Someone Else Agrees That It's Called Rap Music.  Hip Hop Is What You Do When You Lose A Bet That Involves A Bunny Onesie."