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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

••◊ Street Photography from U-31 in North Park

Last night I met my friends Mike and Melissa at U-31, a local bar in the North Park neighborhood.  They were having a premier showing of their time lapse film from Yosemite National Park.  After looking at the bar's web site I knew the place would offer a nice bit of street photography, so I snapped a few pics using a point and shoot.  Hope you find one or two appealing. 

It was a small and extremely loud place, so the night's outing was short.  My voice starts to go after about 10 minutes of trying to yell over the sound system and hard sound reflecting walls.  As with many of these night clubs they're trying to keep it at the right volume level for a mildly to average inebriated person.  "Average" is obviously open to interpretation.  My interpretation is somewhere around when the person drinking starts to offer grand unceasing philosophical advice.


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