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Sunday, December 22, 2013

••◊ Cinephilia and Beyond = Free Film School

I've mentioned a tumblr blog called Cinephilia and Beyond before.  This time I wanted to explicitly highlight how valuable this web site has been.  It's a comprehensive study of vast Internet information on the world's greatest directors.  Cinephilia and Beyond is required reading for anyone who calls themselves a "cinephile" or wants to learn how to be a great director.

Some interesting things I've learned:
1.  Eric Stolz was the original "Marty McFly" in Back to the Future.
2.  Hitchcock carefully controlled the height of the camera in his films to make sure the camera felt like an observer.
3.  What happened to David Lynch's infamous "flaming nipple" shot from Blue Velvet?  "Cinephiliacs" know!

...and if you really like the site, please consider donating a few bucks to keep it going. 

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