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Saturday, November 9, 2013

••◊ Report from All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival


My documentary film, Stronger + One Last Rep played yesterday at the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival in North Hollywood.  David Patterson (pictured above) was the subject of the film, so he flew in Thursday night from Seattle.  We had a night dinner at Ortega's in Hillcrest, which earned my seal of approval, and prepared for the long drive to Los Angeles the next day. 

Before we headed to the classic El Portal Theater in North Hollywood we made a quick stop at the top of Deronda Street in Hollywood to take the first picture you see at the start of this blog entry.  Even though Dave was a bit hesitant about this trip at first, his eyes lit up when he saw us driving up Beachwood Street toward the symbol of Hollywood.  I, of course, got a bit lost due to questionably marked streets and lack of natural direction in the tall trees and multi-million dollar homes of the Hollywood hills.  On our second attempt we actually made it to the top, but were thwarted by a garbage collection truck on the way back down.

After that, we made a familiar stop at Hollywood and Highland so Dave could get his full tourist on.  He was having fun walking up and down the block taking pictures of the stars along the Hollywood walk of fame, like a kid discovering something really cool.  The Jimmy Kimmel show was doing some type of interview on the other side of the street.  When we were leaving Dave pointed out the three "Spiderman-s" who were taking a break at the corner.  One of them he nicknamed "skinny Spiderman", another "fat Spiderman", and the final one I don't remember.  Let's just say that their physiques didn't quite match the costumes.  Lunch was at my favorite lunch place in L.A. - Local.

The All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival was small by comparison of other film festivals I've been to.  At least half the audience was typically the filmmakers and their actors and we were screening in a small theater company space.  When they started having technical difficulties with the video randomly cutting to black, it was somewhat disconcerting.  After all, Dave had flown down just to see this film and my camera op/actor friend David Truax had driven up to see the film as well.

We survived the first round of student films, but my first thought was..."is my film really in this category?"  As the films got better and better through the second and third screening groups I started to feel a bit better, however technical glitches were still causing delays and random video cut out.

During our screening group Dave got up and said he had to visit the bathroom.  I told him, "our film is next!"  His reply was "No.  I checked and we have another one to go before yours."  Well, as you can probably guess, the "illuma.blogspot.com" logo came up just as soon as the theater door closed behind Dave.  So there I was thinking, "Dave is missing one...two...three minutes of the film."  I'm sure he felt a little embarrassed walking back in those few minutes later."  Note to Dave - Do as you mother always taught you and go to the bathroom before you have to be anywhere important!  At least the video didn't crap out or have to be restarted like a lot of the other films.

Today is a recovery day.  Tomorrow I'm off to shoot slow-mo video of bicycle racing in the dirt.

11-14 UPDATE:  I received news this morning that Stronger + One Last Rep won best documentary short and took the audience choice award.

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