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Sunday, November 17, 2013

••◊ Get Dirty! Race Cyclo-Cross.

Last weekend I borrowed the Sony FS-700 from Video Gear and took it to my club's annual cyclo-cross race at Lake Hodges.  I wanted to do a test of the Sony FS-700 auto-focus feature, so I was using the stock 18-200mm lens and the internal AVCHD codec.  I haven't found a way to use an external recorder while over cranking yet, so if anyone out there knows please contact me.  All the footage was shot at 240fps.

The race had a bit of a somber tone.  My fellow club member, Udo Heinz, was hit and killed by a bus while out on a ride earlier this year.  In memoriam the club decided to name the race "Udo-Cross."  There was a nice memorial service at the mid-point of the day.  One of the posters they used was a picture I shot at the race last year with Udo standing in front of the finish line, smiling, happy, and surrounded by an activity he loved.  I don't want to say "surrounded by what he loved" because I printed his memorial service pictures and it was clear that Udo loved his wife and kids first, even if he did manage to land a racer chick (Macht schnell Antje! Ranchooooooos!)

So here's my small tribute to Udo-Cross.  I hope Udo would have gotten a kick out of the video of the racers.

Yesterday was his memorial ride leaving from Spy+ Optics in Carlsbad.  There had to be at least 200 riders there to honor Udo.  Of course, the first thing that happens with a bunch of racers is that a break forms.  Antje stayed with the lead group.  As we headed up Questhaven road, a dirt road no less, I knew this ride had to be inspired by Udo.  I was on my skinny tire road bike and decided to do it anyway.  The only issue I had was when I had to set my foot down and some mud got stuck in my cleats.  A little water bottle spritz cleared that out.  I have to give a big thank you to Spy+ for stepping up and putting on this fundraiser event and Antje.

I wonder if Udo knew that all those relationships he was forming while he was alive would allow him to take care of Antje and his kids, even if he physically couldn't?

...back to cyclo-cross.  Seeing races like this makes me miss the days of riding in the dirt.  Udo, you may have inspired my next bike purchase.

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