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Sunday, October 13, 2013

••◊ Random Photos from the Annnual Washington Ironman Trip

It was time once again for my annual Ironman bodybuilding show trip.  When I heard this show was going to be held in a church I thought to myself, "flesh peddling in a church?...I'm in!"

Lately the motivation/commitment to really go out and find those photos that make an impact as been sorely missing and it's a rough road trying to turn that around.  As I exited the airport terminal to arrival pickup to fresh northwest air the ground was still wet from a light sprinkle, or what Southern Californians would refer to as a "rain event."  Even though there was probably more available photographically all I could find were a couple reflections of flags.  Photographic reflections have been an area of focus the last few weeks because I found that I often miss opportunities for photos involving reflections in favor of more conventional direct photography.  Just a note for self improvement.

My aunt and I went to see "Prisoners" at the Majestic Bay theater in the Ballard community of Seattle.  It's interesting to note that this theater is the oldest continually operating movie theater in the country - see the placard below.  They also have an "usher pig."  The pigs were part of a larger community art project across Seattle.  I'm pretty sure I put a photo up on my blog last year showing the pig at Pike's Place Market.  It's good to know that the pigs didn't end up in the slaughter house.

Below are some of the random pictures from the bodybuilding show.  I was exiled far, far in the back of the venue this time so there wasn't really time, nor locality to the stage to take show photographs.  I kind of got what I got and that was it.  The blue console below was my eagle eye view for the entire day.  We had to communicate over walkie-talkies to coordinate activities because almost everyone else in the crew was backstage!  It was just Jack, their house audio engineer, and I back at the board.

After the mid-day break we came back to Jack playing "symphonic metal" over the PA.  I told him, "I knew it!  You guys play death metal while the staff is out, don't you?"


The two pictures below are from the north terminal train inside SeaTac airport.  I knew that the movement would produce some interesting streaking results and perspective distortion.  I just couldn't decide which picture orientation I found more interesting, so I posted both.  Identifying perspective and leading lines is something I'm always trying to get better at, so I recognize it when I can.  My next self induced challenge will probably involve triangles in compositions.

This week back has been incredibly busy.  Thursday I went to a talk at the ASC Clubhouse with John Toll.  His most recently released work was Ironman 3,but I still prefer "A River Runs Through It" for the compositional beauty.  Off to more challenges of this week...

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