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Sunday, October 27, 2013

••◊ Flowers from San Diego's Fall-Spring

While others are featuring images of graphic horror for Halloween, I thought I would juxtapose that with the beauty of San Diego's fall-spring.  You see, San Diego has two spring seasons: spring and fall-spring.  During fall-spring the flowers come out to bloom once again before the high desert air freezes them.  Unlike a lot of the other parts of the country that are slowly settling into sweater weather, it was a mild and humid 80F here today.

As I was coming home last week I noticed the local flowers in bloom, so my neighbor and I headed out on a field trip to take a few pictures today.  It was also a chance to use my new Zeiss macro lenses: 100mm, 50mm, and 21mm (non-macro).  I just love what those lenses can produce and I'm even learning to love wide angles again thanks to the awesome 21mm.  Now if only the wind cooperated a little more.  Every time I would get focus the wind would blow the flower out of focus.  As you can see, the depth of field was quite shallow.  So pictures were hit and miss, but that's OK.  No pressure on this assignment.  Also, I had to be quick on the draw with the bees in the picture.  They quickly became known as "you little bastards" since they would often move on to the next flower before I could get focus and press the shutter button (me: fist pumping and swearing at them as they happily buzzed elsewhere), however I managed to capture a few at work.  Please enjoy the pictures below.

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