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Saturday, August 3, 2013

••◊ Photos from the San Diego 48 hour film project screening

No, I didn't participate in the San Diego 48 hour filmmaking contest.  However I did attend their screenings this past Thursday and I wanted to share a few photos from the event.  It's good to support friends and colleagues, especially those who go through the torment of making a complete project in 2 days.  Caffeine, Metallica, nails on a chalkboard, sometimes all three simultaneously...whatever keeps you awake until the final video export!

This event worked out well for me.  I showed up to see Clarence's film and met Jeff from Video Gear out in the lobby after the first screening group.  I didn't have a ticket to the second screening group, but Jeff had an all-event pass since Video Gear is a sponsor.  The night went longer than I expected, but the second set of films were even better (purely by the number of good films). "Van Buren", which was shot exclusively on GoPro cameras, was a favorite.  "Chirp Chirp, Buzz Buzz" was great.  Clarence would have loved "Captain Hand" (Die evil puppets of the world, die!) and "Effective Weapon" (Russian accent - "You Americans die so easily!").  4120 produced the most striking visuals of the night with "Thin Places".  On with the photos... 

Most of the Amalgamated Grommets.  Sorry your head got cut off Bill.  Sometimes you get what you get when you turn around and have 5 seconds to take a photo and the stupid point and shoot camera takes 2 seconds to focus.  The other photo had Elsa's head cut off.
Marianne Bates, writer for the Amalgamated Grommets, and her friends.
Most of the Palomar GC cast and crew, including Clarence mugging for the camera on the far right.

The producer line up after the group E screenings.  Robin, the co-producer, picked the screen grabs - some of which are funny just on their own.
Robin and a puppet from Captain Hand.  The audience went in laughter when the puppet asked Duane (paraphrasing) "why is Robin *still* only your *girlfriend* after five years?"  Oh...the things I could get away with if only I had a puppet.

Duane Trammel - the local 48 hour film project producer doing his duties as host and emcee.

Mike Breuggemeyer, director of the Amalgamated Grommets, being interviewed post screening by Duane and Robin.  His group won their screening class...yes, *again*, but for good reason, with "Inmate 14658".
Jeff Merrill from Video Gear being interviewed by Duane after the group F screenings.

Jeff and his producing partner after the screening.  A screenshot from his film "Busking for Love", staring local musician Gregory Page, can be seen as #6 in the background.

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