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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

••◊ Neshima ADR Behind the Scenes Video

We spent the last month and a half at Mediatech in Oceanside doing recording of ADR.  It's amazing how many little annoying noises sneak into the audio when you don't have the best of locations to shoot in, or sometimes just the budget for a real location audio professional. 

I originally thought this would be a documentary style interview/cut-away type piece, but there really wasn't time for that.  The Mediatech studio was only open so many hours on the weekends, and often we had actors coming and going quickly - along with the drummer randomly hitting a snare down the hall at times.  The iso booth was well built, so it wasn't an issue for us inside the Rincon recording studio.

We had three students as our engineers, all doing work as a sort of volunteer intern.  Jarrett, Perris, and Fernando stuck it out until the end.  Congratulations go out to Jarrett, who just graduated this week.

I used a two microphone technique when setting up the iso booth.  One under, one over.  That way the actors could point their mouths in whichever direction and we would pick up decent sound.  We weren't sure which way the mic was pointing during principle photography, so I figured this was the safest thing to do in order to get a timbre match to field production audio.

Anyway...hope you enjoy the little behind the scenes video.

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