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Sunday, July 21, 2013

••◊ Gam3r-Con and the Radioactive Chicken Heads

Over the last two days I joined the videographer crew for Gam3r-Con, with Tommy and I working as a team.  Today I'm in recovery mode, trying to alleviate the beep-beep-bop-boom-augh-die! of video games from my head.  The concept was fairly simple.  They just wanted a few interviews intermixed with b-roll stuff from the event.  However, when trying to work at these events I find it's best to pair down the equipment list to what's necessary - that only comes from experience or a second day on the job. 

At first I was going to fly a Canon C100 on a Steadicam with the 18-135 STM lens.  That was a bust when I discovered that the lens isn't available for rental in San Diego!  It was probably a good bit of fate that we didn't.  The Gam3r-Con venue is an old theater with old building dimensions - i.e. small and tight.  I was also going to do some stop motion stuff, but the event just didn't feel right for it - so I left the flash home on the second day.

The indoor interviews below were lit with a combination of 1k plus diffusion, PAR cans, and a small battery powered LED light.  For Benja's interview (second picture below) I bounced a 1k PAR off a nearby white wall for fill.  During the dark control booth interview I borrowed a deep red gel from the theater and used that as the separation light.  In all, I think the interviews came out looking good.  The outdoors were a bit more challenging since we didn't have the necessary equipment to re-light an outdoor location. As with documentaries, sometimes it is what it is with what you have available.   


Gam3r-Con hosts a party on the roof nightly.  The first night I was there they had Black Nerd Comedy (yes, that's what he calls himself - have proof.) and the Chocolate Covered Cosplay Girls from Los Angeles with a video game inspired DJ.

Brian (in the first picture following this paragraph) is the co-founder of Gam3r-Con.  He put on his one man show "Gamer", about a man trapped in a cubicle all day doing IT support and the troubles of supporting his gamer addiction at work.  The event also hosted panels, including the panel on video game voice over work (HULK SMASH!).


Of course, my favorite party event was an appearance by the Radioactive Chicken Heads.  When I heard their garage band style I was immediately brought back to the days of attending rock concerts and throwing myself into the mosh pit!  I kind of miss the pit, except for the rancid smell.  You can check out an example of the performance in the video posted below.


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