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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

••◊ Color Measurement of a Marshall Field Monitor

After taking the initial color temperature measurement on my field monitor I was hooked like a techno-junkie. I wanted FULL calibration.  A quick trip to Best Buy to purchase a DVI to HDMI converter and I was off to conquer the color science of this monitor.

Only...when I did a full factory reset on the monitor to get to a known starting point and took a quick measurement the monitor was nearly dead-nuts on!  I must have tweaked something the wrong way.  What?  I have no clue since I've never really calibrated the monitor before, but this was awesome!  I'm so glad I took expert advice from colleagues and spent the extra money for a Marshall.  My friend bought a no-name cheapo field monitor and looking at it is more of a burden than a help.  The color, gamut, and contrast are always off and there are too few controls to tweak it into shape.  I think it might even be a passive matrix VGA resolution LCD - yikes!

As shown below, the gamma curve isn't too far off from the ideal rec.709 2.2 exponential. Probably close enough.  Rec.709 has a two part curve with a linear portion near black anyway, which the dotted line limits shown in this graph doesn't really take into account.

The color temperature is also very close to ideal, with the exception of the black portion.  Typical of IPS LCD panels, there's more blue leakage when the pixels are set to black so you see a severe rise in color temperature.  I imagine this will go away as OLED replaces IPS LCD panels.

Also notice that the monitor covers the full rec.709 color gamut and the color coordinates are just about perfect.  Great job Marshall!

This is so cool.  Now I know I have a field monitor I can trust for rec.709 (HD) work.  It obviously not perfect for DCP, but I don't have the budget to handle the DCP color space anyway.

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