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Sunday, February 10, 2013

••◊ Review of the Sony FS-700

I spent all of last weekend with the Sony FS-700 camera on loan from Video Gear in San Diego.  Being their blogger, I also recorded a couple short videos and wrote up a bit on my (short) experiences with the camera.  Overall, it's not a bad camera, it's just that the camera falls a bit short of my personal expectations.  In the price bracket around the FS-700 (~$8k) I expect to have four times the quality of a Canon DSLR and the codec on the FS-700 really limits the camera to about DSLR quality - minus the annoying aliasing...most of the time.  The FS-700 might kick some serious boo-tay once the 4k upgrade is available, depending on the price of the recorder options.

You can read about my experiences here and here.  Also, here are two short videos I created as examples of the output from the camera.

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