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Sunday, December 30, 2012

••◊ Catching up with Christmas in Seattle, part 2

Continuing on from part 1 of my Seattle photo expedition...After visiting the local Seattle parks and a quick dunch (dinner-lunch) at Cafe Flora we headed back through the city's Capitol Hill district in search of an I-5 on ramp. I took some pictures of the golden sunset through the city buildings as we were driving along.

What would be trip to Seattle without random sidewalk statues of Jimi Hendrix?  Heck, Paul Allen built a whole museum for Jimi just a few miles away.

Then there are random, but common city views of Seattle. Growing up I hardly remember a wooden power pole that wasn't stapled to death with fliers for local bands and city dweller events. I'm sure there's a documentary story in there somewhere.

During the flight home I decided to take pictures of things that I could identify from the air starting with Mt. Rainer...

...random mountains over central California...

...South San Francisco (sorry, we flew over the main city before reaching 10,000 feet for "approved electronic devices")...

...The metropolitan Los Angles area. Downtown is so incredibly small compared to the urban sprawl. If you look at the far let of the first picture below, 1/3rd up from the bottom you can see the white blur of the "HOLLYWOOD" sign on the hillside just north of downtown...

...Finally, my neighborhood. My mom doesn't believe me, but you can actually see my house. ...and no, Sarah Palin, you can't see Russia from there.

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