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Sunday, July 29, 2012

••◊ San Marcos Circuit Race 2012

Today was my cycling club's annual race at San Marcos State University.  We had a bit of a rough start with the guys who were hired to block the roads.  They showed up 1.5 hours late and thought they still had time to run and get coffee.  They also showed up with an inadequate amount of cones and barriers, which left us scrambling to set up the course in 45 minutes, only to start the cat 5's late.  Augh...and I was operating on 4 hours sleep!
That said, we pulled off a minor miracle and the horses were off.  By the time I got down to corner duty and got my stuff situated the 50+ group was on the course.  I want to highlight the second picture below because a fellow photog, Connie from Pink Shorts Photography, said that this tough hombre is somewhere near 80 years old...and racing!  Plus he's got good taste (Italian) in components. 

In contrast, next up were the kids and teens age groups.  Man, why didn't I have their parents money when I was younger.  Quite a few of their bikes were slightly nicer than mine!

Last, but not least were the adults. Usual pre-carnage pictures follow. You have to love the SDBC rider's expression in the second picture below.  That says it all about bike racers.  I left the race mid morning because of the aforementioned lack of sleep.  Today's effort to capture something special had to be cut short.  With an exhaustion headache it was just time to go home.  At least I remembered how to use my camera in stills mode.  It's been much too long since I used my 5D for actually shooting still pictures for anything more than a snapshot.

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