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Sunday, June 24, 2012

••◊ Rolling Shutter from The Foundry

During my encampment with the 48 hour project we had a shot of a woman on a couch.  I wanted the overhead crane look, but we didn't have 30 minutes to setup a jib and get it dialed in.  This meant I was forced to go handheld, but I had done this before.  Essentially, I rigged my camera to my tripod and levered the tripod over the top of a ladder.  The bad thing about this setup is that after a few minutes the camera gets very, very heavy and sometimes my body will shake while trying to hold the weight.  I seriously thought about just telling Naran (actor) to hold that emotion for 15 seconds while I rest my arms.  For those less experience...yes, that's a bad idea.

Of course, using a CMOS sensor based DLSR camera means dealing with rolling shutter.  I could easily stabilize this shot in After Effects, but I was still left with the jello-cam artifacts from rolling shutter.  Stabilization alone doesn't work a lot of the time on DSLR footage.

Enter the "RollingShutter" plug-in for After Effect from The Foundry.  Using the plug-in I was able to decrease the jello shake to a relatively benign amount and keep the shot.  Notice that I didn't say "eliminate."  The parameters they provide are non-obvious, so I would probably have to own the plug-in and use it more often to become an expert. 

The really good thing is that this $300 (British pounds) is available as a 15 day trial, which worked for me.  The trial licensing is a pain in the arse (British spelling), but it worked after some futzing with their instructions.

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