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Sunday, June 3, 2012

••◊ Planning a Documentary, part 2 (of 2)

Yes, I know...this is just a bunch of boring text, but it's what's on my mind lately.  I've already tried the cheap and easy way.  It didn't work and that approach just wasted a bunch of my time.  My blog is a collection of what's spinning in my mind at the moment, not necessarily a picture book.

So...on to part 2.  Part 1 took me up to the point of doing the filming, which I consider the first 10% of the work.  Honestly, the remaining 90% is the hardest because it's just pure, unglamourous, frustrating, time consuming work.  This process is what tests if you really want to make a film or just talk about making a film.  Once I have the footage, these are the cliff notes of my working process.

  1. Transcribe all the interviews into an Excel spreadsheet.  The rows are classified by the video file name and the question being answered.  If more than one person is being interviewed I'll write the transcription like a script, identifying the speaker.  I might even highlight a phrase I find particularly interesting so it's easy to find later.
  2. Take a week off to think about what I just witnessed.  This is my time to really think about what the interviewee was trying to tell me.  With camera lights blinking, audio meters flashing, and clock arms spinning you don't get to do this during an interview session that lasts hours.  I rarely do 10 o'clock news type interviews.
  3. Write an outline.  This comes from thinking about the interview and what was *most* important.  To me, it's important not to waste a viewers time on filler conversion.  Skip to the compelling parts and bigger picture...and fast.  It's what keeps the piece moving.
  4. Start the edit.  This is a different process every time, dependent on what I'm editing.

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