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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

••◊ The 48 hour, again...

I really, really, really didn't want to do the 48 hour film project contest this year after last year's fiasco.  Last year I had to deal with lack of food, no first AD, a rewrite at 10pm on Saturday, and 13 company moves with an 8 page script!  I'll put it bluntly and just say it sucked.  The end result was something I'll never put on my demo reel.  We only had time for master wide, company move, master wide, company move...and so forth.

So here it comes around again and I tell everyone I don't want to do it.  Clarence and Joel (director on "Back to Life") form a team.  So I call up Clarence on Friday to wish him good luck and hopes he has fun.  Then he sends me a subtle "Clarence-message" of, "We can use you if you want to come."  I've been friends with Clarence for a few years so I knew this really translated to something along the lines of, "hey butt hole, I just flew myself up to Seattle to help you film YOUR documentary.  Get you ass down here and help us if you're my real friend."  ...roughly speaking.

So, yes, I was roped into another 48 hour disaster.  At least they drew the drama genre.  I would have been digging my finger nails into the sidewalk outside our location with people pulling on my feet, full human wheel barrow style, if it was comedy.  The story was written and mostly directed by Clarence.  It's about a women who overcomes domestic violence.

Below are some of the screen grabs from the video.  Some are color corrected, some aren't.

So...what was the result?  I ended up mostly doing the production audio, but that was left out due to the edit coming in too late.  No color grading either.  The music was shifted to the wrong spot because of last minute edits.  Also, the inexperienced camera op we had that day failed to mention things like gunk on the lens and the mic being in the shot (Duh!)

So now I'm helping Clarence edit this project into something watch-able.  It takes me further away from my bodybuilding documentary, but yes, I still owe him a favor or two.  The footage looks excellent so far.  The production audio is nice.  Hopefully we get to bump up the soundtrack to something kick-ass.

That's all for now.  We're back to the edit tonight.

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