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Sunday, May 6, 2012

••◊ Another uber-ghetto production brought to you by...

This week's entry goes to the ghetto-fabulous world of home brew documentaries.  While Clarence and I were in Seattle we filmed a part 2 to my bodybuilding documentary.  The photo above was our general setup.  Please forgive Clarence's obsession with wide angle lenses.  For all I know he was actually about 1 foot from the microphone and using a 0.1mm lens.  I've stood beside him during model shoots and he complained that I was in the shot!

Speaking of microphones...I needed a shock mount, so instead of spending the $50 on a real one I just went up to the machine shop and made this quickly.  Notice the hair ties (expensive @ $3.50) that I used as shock ties?  The mic was "borrowed", mainly because it's been waiting for a pickup from the owner for the last couple months.  The XLR cable was also borrowed right before the shoot. 

Our lights consisted of three LED lights.  This was the only viable option, given that we had to pack them from home.  Don't you just love our ghetto-flag in the first shot.  It was the cover for the fold out reflector shown in the second picture.  We bent up a clothes hanger to hang it.  Worked like a champ.  I also hot rod-ed the key light to have an AC adapter input so I didn't have to use batteries!

This was the maiden voyage of Clarence's new on camera mic, the Tascam DR-05.  We set it up to gather some ambient room tone and it worked for the most part.  The recorder also ran around with the camera at the bodybuilding show.  Before we left for Seattle we calibrated up the audio levels to match with the camera and did a field test.  It's actually fairly decent in the right environment and with the right levels.  Not a shotgun by far, but what it does, it does well...and cheap.

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