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Thursday, April 26, 2012

••◊ Quick pics from a Seattle trip

I spent last Sunday in recovery mode after three days of filming and one live production in Seattle.  In fact, I still feel like I'm recovering.  So, Sunday was spent with a few easy strolls through the Seattle area parks taking tourist pictures.  Our first stop was at Gas Works Park, which was the site of an old coal gasification plant up until 1956.  I'll eventually post some stuff regarding the film we did, but for now all I have are some tourist pictures.

A stop in the "Center of the Universe", a.k.a. the Fremont District wouldn't be complete without visiting the troll who lives under the bridge.  The troll was a public arts project built in 1990 as a way to rehabilitate the area from crime.  As you can see, it worked!

Our last stop was supposed to be at Alki Point in West Seattle, however the sunny weather had traffic backed up all the way back to the West Seattle Bridge.  The best I could do is a photo-gangsta drive by panorama of the Olympic Mountains across Puget Sound from the passenger seat of a car while stuck in traffic.

The rest of the pictures are being held hostage on someone else's hard drive, including our adventures with chasing squirrels at the Ballard Locks. More to come...

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