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Monday, April 16, 2012

••◊ New Cameras @ NAB

Las Vegas is filled with video pr0n, um... I mean equipment this week at the National Broadcasters Show.  Lots of new tasty toys on the horizon for 2012.  Canon kicked it off with the expected 1D-C ($15k), but also came through with an awesome alternative to the Epic and Scarlet called the C500 ($30k).  Still a bit pricey to own for indy folks like me.  Both cameras give you 4k while recording to Compact Flash cards.  The C500 also over cranks and has raw mode in 10-bit (4k resolution) and 12-bit (2k resolution).  Shane Hurlbut already has a film out that features 4k footage from the 1D-C.

Blackmagic Design launched a camera completely out of left field for $3k that has a super 16mm sized sensor, 13-stops of dynamic range, CinemaDNG (raw) recording, and lots of jaw dropping features for the price.  The problem...that little sensor.  It's hard enough to get wide angles with a full frame 5D mark II  in some of the tight spaces I have to film.  We were having difficulties with the 7D, which has a super 35mm sized sensor!  Still, this camera should be very disruptive to HDSLRs.  If you have the distance to pull back, this camera could greatly out-perform any HDSLR.

Also, out of nowhere came the Sony FS700.  Can anyone say mega-over crank?  240 frames/second in full HD.  What do you give up?... low light performance.  The new FS700 sensor has a native ISO of 500, as opposed to the FS100 and PWM-F3, which both give you a native ISO of 800.  Other than that, an awesome looking camera with a reasonable price ($8k).  The case grew a little from the FS100, but that also allowed them to add memory for over crank and include ND filters (yeah!).  The camera is still limited to 8-bit output, probably so they don't pummel the F3 sales.

So is there any one perfect camera out of the group...nope.  I still can't afford an Alexa.  Why can't Arri just release an Alexa-light?

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