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Sunday, March 4, 2012

••◊ What Would a Ninja Do, In Boise?

If you were a Japanese assassin left to fend for yourself in a city of 202,000 what would you do?  No sushi, no Godzilla; just a face mask, a sword, and Chinese throwing stars.  That's what a colleague's poster attempted to answer.  This is just a for-fun post about my whims of what a ninja does in a state capitol after a long day at the office - although I'm not implying any ninjutsu skills on my behalf.

There's always a "stealth attack," however the only thing close to security monitoring around the state capitol building is about 20 "occupy Boise" protesters camping on the lawn of the next door building.  Seems like kind of a waste of ninja training.  This was in opposition to when I visited Washington DC and felt like I was going to be strip searched and interrogated by the CIA for just walking down the National Mall with a camera.

A ninja could always go downtown and "unleash fury," however most businesses seem to be closed before 7pm on Wednesday night.  You can see all two people on the street.  Again, a waste of ninja training.  Maybe my next film should be "Ninja in New York!"  You're lucky if the pizza place across from your hotel closes before midnight there.

A ninja could meditate with the views of nature.  This seems appropriate, given the two failures above.  The panorama below is actually the view from our office building.  Definitely a nice thing to see in the morning as I approached my remote work site.  ...and yes, Boise is *that* brown in winter.

After unleashing fury, a ninja could clean up after himself.  After all, it seems like the more honorable and respectable thing to do.

When I was younger and had a fantastic, but parental motivationally flawed idea, it was somewhat common for my mom to reply, "yeah, when pigs fly!"  The corporate engineering department seems to have that issued solved.  Sorry mom, you're going to have to come up with something better, but the second picture says it much better.

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