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Monday, February 27, 2012

••◊ Travel along the Boise River

I was in Boise last week on business and decided to borrow a point and shoot camera to capture what I could during my free time - which basically restricted my shooting time to early morning.  It's been 10 years or more since I was in that part of the country and last time was such a short and concentrated effort that I basically saw the hotel room, a freeway, and a corporate conference room.  During this trip I had a tiny slice of time to myself each day, which let me soak in the local atmosphere.  Some interesting things I learned about Boise...
  1. It's pronounced "Boy-See," not "Boys-E."
  2. It's not unusual to see a woman in a 5 gallon hat and a western shirt sipping on a merlot in the local fine wine establishment.
  3. The only potatoes I saw there were the ones in the office cafeteria soup.  I think their "famous potatoes" might be a hoax.
The mornings left me time to go wandering through the woods along the Boise River to shoot a few pictures.

Since February is basically the dead of winter, that means that everything is obviously very dead looking.  However, there are still interesting forest textures that I feel represent the calm beauty of winter in the northwest.  It's odd that from this appearance of chaos there's an order to nature. 

One thing that I noticed is that the ducks and Canadian Geese are a bit skiddish in Boise, likely because it's bird hunting country.  Whenever I would get within fifty feet of the geese their alarms would go off en masse.  It went from river water lapping over rocks to a three alarm fire with the horns on a clown fire truck honking away.  It's not like you can negotiate with the geese to stay there in the water while you take a pictures..."yeah, just sit there still while I shoot...oh wait, that was the wrong word, um I mean, photograph you"  ...thus pictures of geese in flight.

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