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Monday, February 20, 2012

••◊ New Work: "A Soldier's Duty"

This narrative short project was inspired by an actor that I worked with recently that got together with his friends for a "jam session."  I wanted to do the same, so I emailed Giovanna and Joel one evening.  Giovanna put together the script overnight and Joel put his director's chair away for a day to become an actor.

Little did I know that this short film would take 3 weeks to complete with post, mostly because we didn't have a sound person - frankly the video went together pretty easily, but then of course I shot it. ;)  Note to self; find a reliable *and* available sound person.

I had to get it out today in order to enter it into the Vimeo Festival + Awards contest.  I also wanted to get it into the Youtube "Your Film Festival" contest.  So here it is in the wild. Enjoy "A Soldier's Duty."  Viewable on Vimeo in HD.

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