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Monday, February 27, 2012

••◊ Travel along the Boise River

I was in Boise last week on business and decided to borrow a point and shoot camera to capture what I could during my free time - which basically restricted my shooting time to early morning.  It's been 10 years or more since I was in that part of the country and last time was such a short and concentrated effort that I basically saw the hotel room, a freeway, and a corporate conference room.  During this trip I had a tiny slice of time to myself each day, which let me soak in the local atmosphere.  Some interesting things I learned about Boise...
  1. It's pronounced "Boy-See," not "Boys-E."
  2. It's not unusual to see a woman in a 5 gallon hat and a western shirt sipping on a merlot in the local fine wine establishment.
  3. The only potatoes I saw there were the ones in the office cafeteria soup.  I think their "famous potatoes" might be a hoax.
The mornings left me time to go wandering through the woods along the Boise River to shoot a few pictures.

Since February is basically the dead of winter, that means that everything is obviously very dead looking.  However, there are still interesting forest textures that I feel represent the calm beauty of winter in the northwest.  It's odd that from this appearance of chaos there's an order to nature. 

One thing that I noticed is that the ducks and Canadian Geese are a bit skiddish in Boise, likely because it's bird hunting country.  Whenever I would get within fifty feet of the geese their alarms would go off en masse.  It went from river water lapping over rocks to a three alarm fire with the horns on a clown fire truck honking away.  It's not like you can negotiate with the geese to stay there in the water while you take a pictures..."yeah, just sit there still while I shoot...oh wait, that was the wrong word, um I mean, photograph you"  ...thus pictures of geese in flight.

Monday, February 20, 2012

••◊ New Work: "A Soldier's Duty"

This narrative short project was inspired by an actor that I worked with recently that got together with his friends for a "jam session."  I wanted to do the same, so I emailed Giovanna and Joel one evening.  Giovanna put together the script overnight and Joel put his director's chair away for a day to become an actor.

Little did I know that this short film would take 3 weeks to complete with post, mostly because we didn't have a sound person - frankly the video went together pretty easily, but then of course I shot it. ;)  Note to self; find a reliable *and* available sound person.

I had to get it out today in order to enter it into the Vimeo Festival + Awards contest.  I also wanted to get it into the Youtube "Your Film Festival" contest.  So here it is in the wild. Enjoy "A Soldier's Duty."  Viewable on Vimeo in HD.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

••◊ SDF + Vimeo = Free Filmmaker Info

My disclaimer is that I run the Vimeo account for the San Diego Filmmakers networking group...which of course means that's it's great!  One of the things we started doing late last year is uploading the monthly meetings to Vimeo to share with the world.  Every month the group hosts a talk which provides information to local filmmakers.  With the Internet, local means worldwide now days.

Below are some photos from last night's meeting, which focused on lighting and makeup.  The video for this session should be uploaded next week, but why wait?  On the Vimeo channel we have information about how to start a project, fund your film, how to hire a voice over actors...etc.  Normally you have to pay to go to these type of seminars.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

••◊ Sledgehammer, day 1

Just some production pics from a sci-fi film we're shooting on the Red Epic this weekend.