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Saturday, January 28, 2012

••◊ To My Dearest Canon

To my dearest Canon,

Since you have neglected to produce an updated 5D for video and instead created a very expensive video camera, I would like to humbly request a few minor updates to my beloved 5D mark II's firmware.

  1. Provide a mode where we can crop into the center of the sensor and decimate the pixels by two (3820x2160) so I can avoid the line skipping/moire problems I always get on every shoot.  You did this on the C300 and it's actually less CPU intensive because there's no scaling algorithm.  You stated it in your press release material.  I won't mind the crop factor since it will likely be pretty close to super 35mm movie film.
  2. Provide a calibrated rec.709 picture style.  I had to create this myself using a DSC chart. 
  3. Provide a Canon log-gamma picture style, same as the C300
  4. Allow the 5D mark II to output clean HDMI with no overlays and no compression.  I will record this output to an external recorder.  You don't need to worry about writing to the CF card in this mode since it's for external recording only.  If you can make it 10-bit HDMI that would be even better since that's the maximum I can record using an Atmos Samuri or Ki Pro Mini.
  5. Allow me to disable the wind filter in the audio menu
  6. Enable an audio level overlay like the folks at Magic Lantern have enabled.
  7. Optional, but nice to have features would be a luminance chart, vectorscope, and video zebras, but the histogram you provided has proven to be very useful and I'd rather have 1-6 above.
Please let me know when the beta period begins so I can help with testing.

Faithfully yours,

- illuma.blogspot.com

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