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Sunday, January 15, 2012

••◊ On tour at Mission Beach

Over the holiday break Hope called me up and wanted to do another photo session with her fierce posse.  The first assignment... ?  Band photos.  What immediately popped into my head was the well known and maligned band-against-a-brick-wall photo.  Check out the hall of shame at this link.  I declined to join their club. 

Hope described the shoot as if the ladies were going on a comedy tour and needed a promo shot.  I at least got two of them to look in random directions because it isn't a band photo if one or more of the subjects doesn't look in a pseudo-random direction.  Makes you wonder what they're thinking as they stare intently at a piece of gaffer tape on the gear table behind the photographer!  "Did I remember to lock my car?"  "What do you think they'll order for lunch?  I hope it's not pizza again.  I'm getting sick of pizza."  "Remember to pick up AA batteries and hummus on the way home this time." etc...

In the photo below my first impression went all the way back to Van Halen.  Jessica as David, Hope as Eddie, Acasia as Alex, and Jen as Mikey.  I think Jessica might have been born about the time the group parted ways with David Lee Roth, so it's really like I'm taking a picture of the bitter Hollywood daughters of Van Halen trying to come out from under their parents shadow.

I've diverged too far.  Pictures are below.

Speaking of Jen.  She was new the group so, of course, I absconded with her for additional pictures.  She has a Julia Roberts type of smile - friendly. 

The graffiti shack on the Mission Beach jetty made for an interesting sunset location with it's open view and street artwork.  I thought the nicely defined edge light made the mood cinematic.  I just had to add a little on-axis fill light to make the graffiti come out of the shadow.  The other two shots happened based on where I had Jen stand.  Nothing special added, besides Jen of course.

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