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Monday, January 2, 2012

••◊ Neshima on kickstarter

This last winter I had a chance to work on a feature film called "Neshima" about ancient warriors in a battle over a treasure. I only worked on about one-quarter of the film, so even I don't know the whole story.  My adventures with the cast and crew can be read about here and here.

Neshima is very ambitiously being done on a shoe string budget with deferred compensation for most people involved. The quality of the actors is first rate, as most of them are SAG. We shot on the new Red Epic camera in awesome locations, so the footage has a cinematic feel. What's left is post production, including editing, ADR, color correction, music, sound design, and many VFX shots. When they finished filming two weeks ago I told them "Congratulations. Only 90% to go!"

The producers finally released a very preliminary teaser trailer to enable their kickstarter fundraising efforts to finish the film.  A widget that will link you to the trailer is embedded below. For some reason the trailer itself won't load in a blogger page.  If you think it's worthy I would encourage you to throw in a few bucks.

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