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Saturday, January 7, 2012

••◊ Home for the Holidays

If it wasn't obvious from the Pike Place Market post last week, I spent Christmas at home in the Seattle area.  Now that I'm sitting here listening to Blind Willie McTell, a CD (yes, they still exist) I received as a Christmas present, it's time to pull out the holiday photos.  The picture below represents one of the more unexpected gifts I received this year.  Anyone familiar with the move "A Christmas Story" will immediately recognize the controversial Italian leg lamp.  It's a major award!  The lamp must be Italian because the crate was marked "fragile"; mispronounced in pseudo-Italian as "frah-gee-lay".  Fun, and a movie reference to boot.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is my sister's most entertaining gift - "Haiku for the Single Girl."  The haiku shown below gave us all a crack up, and not just because of the timely Muppet's reference.

Sometimes I wonder which ornaments end up on the tree because my mom likes them and which ones remain because she feels guilty throwing them away. I get the soldier and carousel horse for the most part, but Darth Vader?  I know I went through the early 80's Star Wars phase, but mom it's OK to "forget" to hang the tribute to George Lucas' license agreement with the signature disco dance floor that lights up.  I won't notice it missing... swear.

As a young kid I made the Christmas alligator shown below.  Now that I look at it I'm not sure if the can pull tabs were from soda pop or beer... hmmmm.  Did the grown ups have just a little too much fun providing the art supplies from the Rainier Brewery?!  I'll never know.  At least the alligator's legs have glitter, which makes the ornament semi-legit for Christmas.

Christmas also provided a chance to catch up with old friends.  Jake, my best friend from high school, and his wife Emily were in town to visit with Jake's relatives.  The Diner, you may ask?  Why... "Jake's" of course.  Yes, I met Jake at a diner named Jake's - it was fate.  The waitresses, all well into their late 50's, had the hair of an 80's rocker girl from a Whitesnake video.  The only bigger hair I've seen is on the 80's hair of the band Cinderella!  The simple cinnamon roll that I ordered came with about 3/4's cup of frosting.  I had to puddle the frosting to the side to actually see, much less eat the roll!  Guess I should have taken a photo... oh well.

At the end of every vacation is a family goodbye.  My mom and I aren't much for being in front of the camera, so this was all I could think of to take as my mom drove away.  Sometimes a photo is intentional and sometimes a photo just has an intent.  I like to think this rather dull photo has the intent of a family goodbye.  At least a little humor is thrown in on the license plate of the red car at the right.

The last stop on my vacation was Capitol Hill at the Harvard Exit theater to see "The Artist", which I can safely recommend.  After watching "Senna" (recommended), "Bride Flight" (recommended), "Mission Impossible" (surprisingly good because of Simon Pegg), and "The Girl Who Played with Fire (meh), I guess I was ready for more.  The coffee shop was waiting for us afterward, which resulted in the pictures below.  It was funny because our window seats at the coffee shop featured two bookshops that book-ended a gay men's underwear store - not totally surprising for the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  So our views included people calmly browsing the bookstores and oiled up mostly naked men modelling underwear on a flashy big screen TV in the underwear shop.

Next week - back to the pretty girl models. Must... Erase... Men's... Underwear... Store... From Memory...

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