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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

••◊ Out with the girls

I'm on a self proclaimed photo hiatus at the moment, mostly due to the holidays.  So I wanted to throw some street photography type pics up on the blog from hanging out with Hope, JJ, Shealyn, and Acasia on the eve of Christmas eve.

First off... JJ emulating the wine drinking nightlife, even though this was 4:30 in the afternoon.

This image brought me way back to junior high, but it's probably more common after multiple glasses of wine.

Acacia, a make up artist, brought her purse dog "Killian" along for the ride.  Killian spent most of the night sleeping in the purse with an occasional longing eyed feed-me face when the pepperoni pizza arrived.  I think Killian would best be described as a "babe magnet" type of dog with a high success rate.  Every "babe" in the place had to hold or pet Killian at some point in the evening.  Good doggie.

I asked Acasia to show some of her tattoos and she accommodated.

The final stop off was a goodbye to Shealyn she's quickly heading off to NYC to make it big.  Her friend Nick bought her a t-shirt with the proclamation "Pizza Slut", which she proudly brandished throughout the rest of the evening.  I caught her cheesy (he, he) NRA poster girl look at the wildlife hunting video game.

I'll post some fun travel photos toward the end of the week as I sort through them.

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