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Saturday, November 26, 2011

••◊ New work with Titan Arts for Flexdex

Just a quickie this week.  What seems like a long time ago (two months) I worked with Brett and Jed Winn, collectively known as the Winn Brothers, on a skateboard ad for Flexdex.  The Winn brothers run a production company called Titan Arts.  We filmed it on the boardwalk at Mission Beach and I was sure we were going to get shut down without a permit.  Sure enough, half way through the shoot the police stopped their van and rolled down the window.  Brett came running over to the police van in panic, but the police ONLY WANTED TO ASK about the glow in the dark skate board we were filming!  They thought it was cool!  About 20 minutes later the critical mass bike riders came through en masse and shut down traffic.  I guess we weren't much of a concern compared to the them, the hookers they had rounded up, and the two drunken party buses parked along the street with 20-somethings stumbling around. 

Anyway, here's the video...

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